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How to Create Paper Airplane?

Paper airplane is a toy plane made ​​out of paper, it is one kind of art of paper folding that originated from Japan. In Japanese language paper airplanes is called “kami hikoki” ( 紙飛行機), “kami” which means paper, and “hikoki” which means fly. Paper airplanes become very popular throughout the world because it is very easy to make it, so someone new to the art of folding paper can create paper airplane with ease.

simple paper airplane

Simple paper airplane is the most easily created, these paper airplanes the most created by people and make paper airplanes famous around the world. here is the video to create simple paper airplane.

Fighter Paper Airplane

Fighter paper airplane is more complex shapes from simple paper airplane. Despite having a higher level of difficulty, fighter paper airplane still easy to create. You can see the video to create fighter paper airplane.

I hope this information is useful, if you still want to create paper airplane, you can visit the link below.


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