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In this article we will learn how to create F-16 Paper Airplane. F16 Fighting Falcon is a versatile fighter jet developed by the general dynamics then later acquired by Lockheed Martin. F-16 Fighting Falcon was originally designed as a lightweight fighter jets, but as development F-16 Fighting Falcon become a versatile fighter jet are very popular and can be used for a variety of missions. 

F-16 Fighting Falcon known to have the ability to fight in the air very well, with innovations like the closed cockpit without a clear frame of vision, side controller handles for easy control at high speeds, and cockpit seats are designed to reduce the effect of g-force on the pilots. F-16 Fighting Falcon is also the first fighter aircraft built to withstand 9g turn on acceleration.

You do not need special paper to create F-16 Fighting Falcon paper airplane,Without much further ado, you can see how to create F-16 Fighting Falcon Paper Airplane in the video below.


we advise you to use a strong paper but still easy to fold. Ok, If you still want to create another paper airplane, you can visit the link below. 

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